How to Calculate Airsoft Battery Pack Recharge Time

The game of airsoft has grown tremendously in the United States and across the globe. Naturally, people have become competitive and playing airsoft in this capacity is a growing trend. Those who are trying to do their best often look for airsoft batteries that can give them the power, speed, or overall competitive edge over their opponents. One of the biggest sticking points for players is whether or not the airsoft battery pack will recharge quickly in order to play often and for long periods of time. Anyone who has played a long day of airsoft will attest to how annoying it can be if it takes too long to recharge the battery. In the following article, we will give you an idea of how to calculate the airsoft battery pack recharge time.

Airsoft Batteries and Recharge Times

For the big 2-day ops, it is imperative to have a fully charged, well conditioned battery. Still, it is nice to learn how long it will take to get that type of a fully charged battery. As a general rule, the better you take care of your batteries, the less time it will take to recharge them and the longer it will last. This is the case with almost all types of batteries, but it is a logical first step that most airsoft players miss. One of the common types of airsoft batteries is the NiMH airsoft battery, which utilizes nickel metal-hydride in order to power the gun. While lithium polymer batteries are also used, we will focus on the well known NiMH type for now. If there is one thing that you should take away from this entire informative post, it is that you MUST NOT OVERCHARGE YOUR BATTERY. Under no circumstances overcharge your battery or else your investment will be for naught. Look at some of the “smart charger” technologies that are available these days for you to prevent overcharging, which could damage your battery greatly.

Wall Adapter Timing

For people who don’t have the funds to purchase a smart charger, there is still a calculation you can roughly make in order to protect your battery. Using the wall adapter, you will need to follow the following formula in order to prevent overcharging. Assuming a loss of efficiency accounting for 20%, the calculation will look something like this: [(capacity of battery (mAh) / charger’s current power output (mA)) * 12] / 10 = time spent charging Here is an example to illustrate this principle. A 300mA charger with a 7.2V 4200 mAh NiMH battery would yield the following charge time: [(4200/300) * 12] / 10 = 16.8 hours of charge time. Might want to re-think your purchasing decision.

Protect Your Investment

Airsoft battery packs are not extremely expensive, but like anything, it’s best to buy the least number that you can get away with. By maintaining your airsoft batteries with the proper methods, you can prevent overcharging, which can erode the battery. Follow the above mentioned calculation if you can’t get a smart charger and you’ll be able to save a lot of time, trouble, and money.